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do u want to marry a tunisian man



After the revolution of tunisia, men become more aware of their importance amongst the society and especially for girls who want to marry, lool, is anyone of u girls want to marry a tunsian guy?????

06:32 PM Jan 21 2011 |

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Whitney S

Whitney S


I dont wanna marry any guy :)

06:37 AM Jan 22 2011 |



well, actually tunisian guys are very desired, after and before the revolution because of two reasons, is that the number of women exceepds thats of men so, it become difficult to find the man you want to marry, adding to that because of the highest number of the unemployment if the tunisia most men immigrated to foreign countries to imporve thei financial condiitons therefore the women becameaware of this two facts and they find difficult to find the suitable man.

04:20 PM Jan 22 2011 |



I think most of people before they want marry Tunisian, now they still want marry Tunisian.

08:32 AM Jan 25 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

whats  searching  to  marry 

are  marry  game  to searching it  in the  store ?

11:25 PM Jan 26 2011 |


United Kingdom

Dear Buterfly 22

Seems we are from the same country. 

I think that the image that some Tunisian individuals burned in the universal world memory about us will never be eradicated; by this I mean the opportunistic Tunisian that's it. Whatever you do or try to improve you are always seen as a part from a bunch of criminals. 

Being Tunisian is practically being confused 100 times a day cos people think you are Spanish while you are not! and sometimes Turkish but never Tunisian. It is also being looked at with doubtful spectacles and a little bit a disgust and distance that's with Australians, Japanese and some others I forgot. This is from my daily life in London so nothing invented or new! 

Only with the micro Tunisian community shall you be feeling alright, still some Tunisians are nasty here and there and well, what to say, they did not change their way in being not honest.

I wish they improve anyway, and you know what, for who is interested in marrying any Tunisian, Look for the academically developed guys, they are better than yours! and have ideas about the best and the worst and communicative and straight, but if you like to have a street hard-hearted guy, i can't guarantee anything  and you should watch out. 


02:59 PM Mar 06 2011 |