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How to say hello in your language!



05:04 AM Feb 07 2011 |

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Czech Republic

We usualy say "ahoj" or "čau" to our friends. If you want to by more formal you should use "dobrý den" = good day.  I'm looking forward to next responses. It's so interesting to see how people greet each other in different places of the world.

04:56 PM Feb 10 2011 |

Ozimar Bernardino


In brazilian portuguese language it is:

"Hello = Ola" and "Hi = Oi".

04:56 PM Feb 10 2011 |




in german it´s:

"hallo" for the informal greetings and

" guten morgen"

"guten tag"

"guten abend"

"gute nacht"   depending on the hour of the day

09:23 PM Feb 10 2011 |



Oh thanks friends for informing me about the different ways you greet in your regions…that's really interesting !

I can see that culture plays a decisive role on the way we greet, in terms of the words that we use ….now I guess after this post..I will be able to greet any one with their own language.,,

emmm I couldn't find any problem pronouncing some  of the greetings that were mentioned earlier in this post….but I must admit that Russian language seems quite difficult!

01:15 AM Feb 11 2011 |




In our  local language , we always say " 吃饭了吗”(It means have you had your meal yet??), it is anoter way to say hello

03:04 AM Feb 11 2011 |