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postcard, then make friends




well, i like sending postcard to friends, so.. i got idea, if any one of you wanna share postcard which u have or u like, we can exchange postcard, then maybe make friends also..

btw, i am in Beijing..

ok, hope all have a great new year..and new beginning..chill :)

05:45 AM Feb 10 2011 |

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sea owner

sea owner


hello Kiti ,I like your idea, and I am collecting postmarks, I got couples of postmarks in my special book when I was travelling in Yunnan and Tibet, sometimes I will take it out and have a look, it feels great. if you like I can send you postcards when I am back to Harbin days later.

hope you will like it…

happy new year!!  

11:25 AM Feb 11 2011 |



It sees that everyone like traveling to yunan, I also went to yunan last year, it is a beautiful place! 

11:15 PM Feb 12 2011 |




Hey, I really like your idea ^^

Actually I live in Germany, so if you are interested in German postcard I am willing to share them with you.

Feel free to contact me via ebaby Mail in order to exchange adresses and so on :D 

11:57 PM Feb 12 2011 |




hi, sea owner , thanks for your comment, yea i like..:)

and i also like that place too

then after u back i tell my contact imformation by ebaby mail

hope u have nice and salf trip… hehe


02:41 AM Feb 15 2011 |




hi minnieh,   i am happy u like my idea too, hehe.

yea, i like Germany, actually i like all new things.. and the place i most interested is  iSchloss Neuschwanstein in Bavaria since i was a little girl, haha…

i just mail to your ebaby..

go check.. hehe

02:55 AM Feb 15 2011 |



Hey everyone. I love collecting postcards and that's how I came across this blog. Anyone who is interested in exchanging postcards and making a new friend please feel free in emailing me so we can exchange addresses :)

 This is me:

 Looking forward to hearing from you all! 

01:14 PM Feb 20 2011 |




hey kitty…..

wanna be postcard friends?

09:34 PM Apr 05 2012 |