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Life Talk!

What do you think about life in other cities?

Vladimir Tomm

Russian Federation

Hi everybody! I want ask you about where is you want live and why?
What you think about life level in USA? (P.S. i looking new friends)

07:32 PM Feb 11 2011 |

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You’re all just jealous of America.

So telling the truth about a country is being jealous?


The foreigners that immigrate to the U.S.A., love it.

Of course?! They need money, if give them money, you'll have a lot of them! but get real, USA is not the place for immigrants anymore! Europe is better! ;P 

There are mansion rich and wealthy neighborhoods such as The Berkshires in Western MA, NYC, Northern VA and The Mainline in PA.

What does this contribute for anyone's living? 

I can leave my car door and my home door unlocked and nobody would ever steal or rob or commit a crime against me.

Reaaaally? here too! but guess what, let your door open too much and be away from home some days and you'll see what will happen. also I said generally , not everyday! you don't live in ghetto do you?  

 We have mostly good-natured,

yeap, skunks, slags, whores, hoes, pimps, c*cksuckers, sexists, homophobes, .... 



 and religious people living here.

well mostly! but so what? religion isn't everything as well.

We are much more religioua than Iranians are. My friend who lives in Tehran told me that fact!!

sure! and we are all atheists in Portugal! 

It is funny, how jealous the world is.

Yeap, I'm jealous, I'd love to be an American Hoe :( 

It’s 70 degrees where I live (hot and warm), already. It is an early springtime. We have hot tropical weather in FL and freezing weather like Canada in Maine. We are diverse, and huge in size, geographically.

Congratulations! So what? 

 No two people are the same.

well, and in all the world that happens as well..but guess what? only twins are ''facely'' the same! :p 

 We have dignity and respect for our diversity

sure, then respect the jealous people too loool =)

03:36 PM Feb 18 2011 |



The United States is nothing but whores, pimps and etc.? Just to be clear, is that what your saying? Because if you are, your wrong. The United States has it's problems yes, but so does every other country. Good and bad exsists everywhere, wouldn't you agree? I think its kinda unfair you target just the United States.



you're totally right, but as you know, faith was talking with full mouth, I just said the bad things… can you understand?

I'm not talking that all are whores, pimps, etc..don't misunderstand me =) 

11:35 PM Feb 18 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

dear faith oh im jealous to ur country for what reasons!!!

even if i could come there one day i would never do that:) cuz i know now what dignity and respect means there !!!

i wasnt in ur country but i can see from movies and news that what is going on there :) hey come on open your eyes and see again !!maybe now u can see from where comes your civilization!!

(The continents of North and South America were 'discovered' by the European civilizations in the late 15th century AD,but Iran is home to one of the world's oldest continuous major civilizations, with historical and urban settlements dating back to 4000 BC)

ur ancients comes from those immigrants and indians u mentiond there !!!who are now ruining ur country:)

have u ever read the (great gatsby ):0 and do u know how u earned those monyes:) if not go and read it then

i live in yazd it is a warm place and early springtime :)

religions are all the same !!nowadays it is a way to earn money to decieve ppl and to make a fool out of ppl .in iran with religion they are repressing ppl and in ur country make some ppl like u feel better than others and do on. i know how real catholics are they are just like radical muslims ;)

 i even can leave my door behind and open my windows a whileLaughing but not in tehran cuz its so crowdy and full of thieves:)\

when u wanna say sth about urself i dont think it be right to use WE!

cuz as ricardo said u and all americans are not the same .maybe u are good but i dont think about robbers and killers in ur country :)

usa is a recist country .50years ago no black ppl could be elected as president even as a man of high position .pls go and see ur history again!!

yes you have lots of immigrants cuz if those immigrants wasnt there maybe you didnt exist now in usa:)

can u tell me from where come immigrants !!!ur origin is europe or maybe an arab country :)

if we(i mean the real civilized iranians:) are deprived of some freedoms instead we have lots of things be proud of :) like warm kind gentle hearted ppl who never let you down in face of problems.if you once read our history u will get what i mean .

and im not here to argue about the differences of iran and usa.just i can say none of them are really good places to live.i dont want to live in a country which is disguised  with  other countries becuz of its hostile and deceitful deceisions of its govermet.

06:38 AM Feb 19 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

dear no pogodi!if we also had such a goverment with a subtle policy that exploite other countries and inferre in every country domestic issue to earn some money would have such a good position in our economic grounds in the world:) 

06:47 AM Feb 19 2011 |



I don't know about the prostitution … Do you think I care about that? LOL

If it isn't legal, then I'll be arrested! LOL 

I still think I'd be a good american hoe!LOL

Rather than rake!LOL 

01:41 PM Feb 19 2011 |




Faith you're a bitch :) It's all I can say :p

In fact you've face of pedophile as well… are you trying to stalk me? LOL

oh wait :(

I'm 18 years old,...it cannot be pedophile…  shame…you can go on then..get the next victim next door…you guys there can leave the door open so you can easly enter in the house of someone and rape some kid with your evil filthy hands :)

 You should change your name to Sin from U.S.A 


05:24 PM Feb 19 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

oh what's goin on here :)


how u can be so prejudice and selfish and know you and your country better than us!!

what is going on in islamic countries has its roots and effects from such criminal countries like usa! i repeat again ..go and search ur history and anciets and see who is the evil:)

im really sorry for you and your miserable ppl who think like you they are all living in a heaven called AMERICA :)

you are always tryin to look on the dark side of things and make up a pack of lies to show YOU ARE ABSOLUTLY RIGHT !!


08:40 AM Feb 20 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of


08:42 AM Feb 20 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i ignore what you called me :) cuz im raised up in a good family who know what means respect even to an impolite middle aged woman like u :)

when u cant prove what u have said earlier u have no choose but call us bad names and attacking us whithout knowin exactly who we are !!!

can i ask u how you came to this conclusion that im a radical muslim and i put a chador on and my husband beat me if i come here and so on !!

u know u are soooo briliant cuz u can prophesy very well:)

but just for ur concern !!i dont call myself muslim and i found my husband in this website which u live ur life with !!

if i live in a islamic country this is no reason to call me radical muslim as i dont call u a radical wild fool catholic who think with a simple confess god forgives all their sins :)) or maybe u will i dont know !!

if u refer to my profile u will see easily i graduated in the field of eng literature so i know all bullshits about ur religion.

so if u wanna attack islam go and built up ur forum about it !!

but still sorry for u ..u r 36 and still ignorant about whats goin on around u !!


10:19 AM Feb 20 2011 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

pls read some american history and watch some news.:) its really good for u :)

05:16 AM Mar 01 2011 |