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Life Talk!

Being right or being happy?

Terra incognita


Would you rather be right or happy? What’s more important in our relationship? Would you sacrifice you happiness to be more right? Why?!

04:02 PM Feb 13 2011 |

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Terra incognita


I mean would you rather improve your rightness in the conflict with your friend or beloved and lose them or would you rather find compromises and sacrify your rightness to save your relationship?

08:05 PM Feb 13 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

May I ask you, in your opinion what is right and what is happiness?

08:28 PM Feb 13 2011 |



happiness first!

if it is to both.. hehe 

11:57 PM Feb 13 2011 |




It depend on wt yew mean by relationship, if it's a friendship I'll choose to be happy yew know why? cuz 'm sure at some point my friend will know that I was right nd she\he will understand wt I did.. It just an opinion :-)

12:26 AM Feb 14 2011 |




Choose the right.

Rightness can make you happy, but happiness can't make you right.

11:42 AM Feb 14 2011 |

Terra incognita


I’m so sorry you don’t understand my question accurately. But unfortunately i don’t know how to explain it clearer. Sorry…

01:43 PM Feb 14 2011 |

Terra incognita


I’m so sorry not all of you understand my question accurately. But unfortunately i don’t know how to explain it clearer. Sorry…

01:44 PM Feb 14 2011 |



Lao People's Democratic Republic

You need to ask yourself first that the person is worth your sacrifice or not

08:42 AM Feb 15 2011 |




'Wrong' is always wrong to the 'Right'

'Right' is always wrong  to the 'Wrong'


There were two friends, one name ' Right' and one name 'Wrong',

both – ardent debaters,

but still they can't live without each other,

so in other words they were created for one another.

They were lovers!  

Once both of them debated for a whole week, each having respective supporters for hooting and shooting … ;))

After a week debate …. a revolution erupted out in the lives of both 'Wrong and Right' ...

Wrong changed his/her perception and yell out, 'I was so wrong in respect to my friend 'Right' and now I will adhere myself to the point of view of 'Right'

Right changed his/her perception and screamed out, 'ohh, my goodness I was such a dumb-head I thought all my life that I was right but what my friend 'Wrong' is saying is actual truth and now I will grow myself in the point of 'wrong'.

'wrong' is now 'Right' and 'Right' is now 'Wrong' ... they are still fighting one another, they are created for one another, they love one another …. 

They are lovers!Laughing


09:21 AM Feb 15 2011 |



Russian Federation

An interesting story, Saladeen, but according to it, there are always more than one truths…

Did I get it right? Laughing

09:32 AM Feb 15 2011 |