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Life Talk!

love your self




In this world everyone is deffirent , everyone have his own memories and stories under his belt.

Some are full with happiness and some are full with sorrows  wich  keep weighing on u  and being too much along your life time , but u can get rid of it and get it  off your chest like it never was not in your life time However, that  need miracle for some other people because for them its somthing  impossible to do it . Therefore it cause them many issue in their life, it can even occur a lack of self love and self confindent . So they spend their life time waiting for love , hoping that love find them , searching and yearing for the special love .However, it's not like that how life work , you draw to yourself what you have created in life .Furthermore,  you can create love in your life as well as building self confident

and self-esteem. But if u wait love from source extern  or from someone or somthing , u can make things worst than before ,


09:02 PM Mar 04 2011 |

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Self Talker

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

really really nice tips you mentioned..waiting for more posts from you….

09:37 AM Mar 06 2011 |