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Strange Secrets

Monique Fernandes


"OK, win, conquer, triumph what?"

I don't know, maybe the World? LOL. I have no problem with Masons. I don't believe in these conspiracy theories, Illuminati, etc. Everything is just folklore. If there's an organization that hide facts from us, this one is NASA! I bet they do!

"There have been many "conspiracy theories" about the Freemason, some are hundreds of years old. Conspiracy theory is usually another term for "bullshit"."

We call it "looking for a horn on a horse's head". People who believe in this are the same who believe that all songs in the world have a satanic message behind them… it makes people to be paranoid. 

"If you wish to "conquer" doesn't that usually mean to "enslave"?"

If that was real, that "enslavement" would be just psychologically saying. Succeeding in helping to free the slaves just showed they had some influence in the society, what's real.. but it doesn't mean they have to be Bogeymen.


Wake up, people! We do not live in The Truman Show. 

07:05 PM Mar 18 2011 |

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lol… i certainly do agree wid all d points … bt u didnt mentiond a wrd abt “wikileaks”..i expected its name in such a matter… And.. what i really hv to ask to u is dat..wer u sitting with a dictionary while writing this forum..?..lol..what a superb combination of nice wods & phrases…:)

07:18 PM Mar 18 2011 |