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Life Talk!

Do U love mathematics..... ?

Self Talker

Iran, Islamic Republic Of


U know one of my best life event occured in highschool when I found a sweat lesson..Calculus...

Calculus,Algebra,Trigonometry and any lessons which relates to mathematics..these are my interests ….

Calculus is kind of art…The unlimited art…When you try to solve a problem,you try to find a way,struggling with numbers,and as soon as you solve the problem,U feel that U are ready for harder one…..That is why I love Calculus…

How about you do U love mathematics….. 

08:17 PM Mar 28 2011 |

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yes, just like a stomac ache

09:23 PM Mar 28 2011 |



I'm indifferent. I think mathematic isn't bad

01:38 PM Mar 29 2011 |

Noura 90

Saudi Arabia

i love it, it is just a game !

03:00 PM Mar 29 2011 |




Yes I like mathematics and I need it more or less every day. 

Also at my 'school period' it was one of my favorite subjects – maybe a bit too theroretical. The more practical part is mine … 

08:33 PM Mar 29 2011 |

Self Talker

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Thanks all of you for reply..Mathematic is so fun…For example…There are a lot of Mathematic tricks and shortcut which you can easily get your answer…For example….

If you wanna multiply any number to eleven…just follow the instructions below…

add the two digits together and put the result between the digits..like this one…

14×11 = 1(1+4)4 = 154

 26×11 = 2(2+6)6 = 286

So easy isn't it? 

I will show you some other trick …. 

Dear Azimut Could I know what is your job?Does your job is required to know Mathematics?...


06:03 AM Mar 30 2011 |

Self Talker

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Really nice one kokoboko..These are fun and nice trick which can be used in schools that make children to be interested in mathematics…

If you want to square any numbers which the second digit is 5,Just Follow the simple instructions below…

for example..Number  25..the second digit is 5..so just multiply the first digit(2)to it's next number I mean 3...so the result is 6...then just put the number 25 to the end…Answer is 625


10:52 AM Mar 31 2011 |




i hate mathematics… 2+2=6.23232332 =)

03:27 PM Mar 31 2011 |




got "D+" from this subject…How to say anything????

01:56 PM Apr 01 2011 |


United Arab Emirates

Not @ all. You asked the wrong person 100% !!

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send it to everyone :) and thanks

06:29 AM Apr 12 2011 |