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Life Talk!

What do you think about Hong Kong??


Hong Kong

Haha,, just wanna know what do u guys think abt Hong Kong:P Feel free to talk wt u like.

10:28 AM Apr 14 2011 |

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Self Talker

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

U know, I love Chinese traditions ,I love HongKong too,But don't know more about it!!!

01:05 PM Apr 14 2011 |



It is too small space for the resident. Big gap in revenue for the families. I think the people live in the place are very poor in spirit even someone are rich for material.

12:30 PM Apr 16 2011 |




I love HongKong,I love this international city,with all difference countries person mix together harmoniously,especially love the HongKong person efficiency and intellect.

04:09 AM Apr 27 2011 |




its a developed country in foreign trade.

08:11 PM Aug 11 2012 |




It’s a city, an island, with relatively mild climate. It’s good to do business there, low taxes. Expensive property though. Lots of skyscrapers, financial districts. High-quality lifestyle. Crowded. Former British Colony. Well educated people, far far from being poor. Rich!

11:33 PM Aug 12 2012 |




I love hk because I watch a lot of HK drama HAHA. I have been travelling there very often, all are for travelling purpose, but i must say that hk ppl r very str8forward and if they don’t like u they tell u in yr face haha…hk has good governance too, but recently u guys have a lot of protests going on becoz of the interference of China, am i right? regardless, it’s a very united country, very discipline and nice…

08:20 AM Aug 14 2012 |