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Life Talk!

Gaddafi's Body Guard!

Self Talker

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Gaddafi's Female Body guard…!!!!




12:45 PM Apr 14 2011 |

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Viet Nam

I don't know why he chose these beautiful to be his bodyguards. I read somewhere that they are all vergin and he did that because he wanted to raise the level of women in libyan society, and by having a group of women who protect the leader of the country, it shows women can do anything men can do. But I'm not so sure about that, because he has many strange behavior and favors. What do you guys think?

02:13 PM Apr 14 2011 |

Self Talker

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Yeah agree with you….
They have been taught to die for Gaddafi…They are Called Amazonian females….

One of them Has been killed when Gaddafie's convoy was attacked and one of them put herself in front of the fire…..

Though they Wear jewels or lipstick ,They also take a vow of chastity and apparently …. 


04:44 PM Apr 14 2011 |




:D this is a joke? 

05:03 PM Apr 14 2011 |