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Research for my project, help!!

Lucas SB

Lucas SB


Hi everybody!

I’m a design student at University of Brasília, Brazil and I need to do a research with foreign people for my project.

I need that you guys answer this questionnaire: https://spreadsheets0.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?hl=pt_BR&hl=pt_BR&formkey=dHFUWE9uR0xHaUh5QUg2V2VRdjZVcmc6MQ#gid=0

It’s pretty simple, it’s about what you like to do…

Hope you can help me :)

Thank you

03:10 AM May 14 2011 |

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Whitney S

Whitney S


I see the same as Nu Pogodi!

05:41 AM May 14 2011 |



Sorry,I hope I can help you, but i can not know your language.

11:54 PM May 15 2011 |