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Life Talk!




1) what’s the most spoken language in the world 

2) Do you like spaghetti? 

3) what do you think about Italy?

4) what do you think about TV?

5) what would you do if someone hurts you?

6) what would you do to hurt someone (in general)?

7) what’s the book/song/film that has changed your life?

8) Have you got a best friend?

9) What do you think about adverstising videos before a famous video on YouTube??

10) I want to leran another language, which one do you recommend? 

02:48 PM Jun 01 2011 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

1.I think English,but by native speakers it’s Spanish I guess.

2.Yes,I do.But in the way that is cooked in Iran.

3.strong with beautiful cities and handsome people.

4.Sometimes excelent but most of the time annoys us.

5.I’ll be sad and I’ll cry.

6.It depends on the person.

7.None of them.Actually my life changed by a trip.

8.Yes,I have.

9.It bothers everybody I think.

10.Spanish,Portugues and sweet Persian:)


03:27 PM Jun 01 2011 |



1) Chiness for sure

2) Of course :) 

3) Intresting Country, I Would like be there some day :)

4) Sometimes I watch, but not so much

5) Then i think about it in my mind

6) I don’t want do it ;o 

7) Count of Monte Cristo (book)

8) In fact, not.

9) It’s so anyoinng, but i dont have infulance for this

10) Spanish


06:54 PM Jun 01 2011 |



Saudi Arabia


Of course

media  transmitter and receiver

I think   about  it  and    analyze the   psychological

I do not want to

  all  music is  great  music is  my life  , but there is some music that     so Consoling





I do not know  in fact that  there alot if lanugauges  is great 

02:49 AM Jun 02 2011 |




1.English.I think so.


3.One of the cartoons I’ve ever seen in comic books.

4…..It is rectangular in shape *

5.That make me feel bad

6.um….I think I don’t wanna do it

7.History of Art’s book

8.not sure

9.I have no idea

10.Thai lol


04:56 AM Jun 19 2011 |




1) English 2) Yes 3) Beautiful country 4) I like to watch it 5) It depends on the person who has hurt me.. 6) I’d shoot them 7) None 8) No.. 9) Some people don’t have money..I think Youtube is a good opportunity for alot of people 10) Japanese 

11:14 PM Jun 23 2011 |