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Life Talk!

when do people strongly believe in God?




when they neary die.

08:18 AM Jun 21 2011 |

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es pati

es pati

United Kingdom

when they see answers of their prayings Cool

07:56 PM Jun 21 2011 |



United States

When they realize our Creator exists whether they believe or not.

11:20 PM Jun 29 2011 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

dear telapas,

yr question is very differnet for persons.it happend for many just when they are near death,many people feel it from birth,many of them recieved in youth…

but it is famous that we find God in 40 years old…I am 34 ;) and have time hahaha.

but I think that it depended what happen in our life,this summer i had a wonderful days.i knew GOD and i was closer than past to god.i had reply from god too.i feel it.it is not important yr religion.god is one.we are one too.

this subject is wonderful and needs a lot talk about it….

thank you.god bless u

11:47 AM Dec 02 2011 |

Learner of Life


Well! Telepas…

For arogant people especially they who don’t believe in God, most of them realize the existence of God when they are near to their death. However, sometimes it has been too late…

OR they realize that they need God when they get trouble in their life and realize the limitness of their power…

So, be grateful when in our awareness we have strong believe in God in everytime… everyplace…

We shoud have strong believe in God in whatever condition we are…

12:07 PM Dec 02 2011 |



Everyone’s life circumstances are different. Some find out about God when young, some when they are old but at the end everybody will realize He is there. For those who believe in God is normal to try to get closer to Him when times are hard, because is when we realize how vulnerable we are and how much we need him.

12:18 PM Dec 10 2011 |


Viet Nam

if so  then  they  were  actually  beliver.

10:25 PM Apr 11 2013 |




It comes and goes. There’re moments that makes your faith stronger and weaker.

When a child is born -  you wonder at its miracle, the same tiny person like you. You’re thankful to God.

When you’re in nature. You can’t stop wondering at its beauties and again you address God and thankful for this.

In life, in different occasions, when you happened to be caught up between life and death and somehow you stayed alive, by miracle, as though some invisible hand had stopped the danger. You think of God again.

There’re some people’s deeds that makes you think of God. But it’s got be seen. For someone it’s a matter of fact, for someone it’s a sign.




10:41 PM Apr 11 2013 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

when they know themselves well and recognize their needs, when they see a birth in close up and also feel the death is so close. and in brief words when they want to be lover…

10:53 PM Apr 11 2013 |