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what do you get benefit from facebook.com?




find my old frd.

08:23 AM Jun 21 2011 |

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Through facebook I can able to communicate with my family and friends around the world. It also gives us an opportunity to say whatever we want to say. You can use it whenever and wherever you are as long as you have a internet connections. Thanks to the inventor of facebook that makes the world smaller.

08:31 AM Jun 21 2011 |




sure i hava a chance to see my friend’s fotos who live all over the world. it was a good idea to invent the facebook. in Germany 70 procent of the all companies and factory have it to show their services and products and to hire new people in many kind of jobs. :D


05:20 PM Jun 21 2011 |




Facebook is an excellent implementation for the companies to share their new information with the consumers, and the consumers can recommend ideas for the company, how they can better serve out their customers. Secondly, people, business can make occasions and yuo can take part it on or no or maybe. You can see that your friends will be there or not. It is a good opportunity organize something. For example I had taken part on a concert (Kesha) I posted on my wall, a friend of mee saw it and she sent a message to meet.

12:23 PM Jun 26 2011 |