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Life Talk!

If you could see the future




I will use it in the right way.

12:40 AM Jun 23 2011 |

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Cranberry… You’re right… :) Well… (IF WE ‘HAVE TO…’ ANSWER THIS QUESTION… then I’d describe my answer as following…) I always feel such a mystry about my death… like… How’d i die…? What’d be the time… date… & day when i’d die…? I consider about it so much that i’ve even dreamt of my death in so many different ways… So… IF I ‘COULD…’ then i’d like to know about my death… BUT TO BE REALLY HONEST… I’m still really happy being unknown about it… cuz this way i live every moment as my last moment… & I do all the good things that i wanted to do since my childhood…

04:37 AM Jun 23 2011 |



Russian Federation

I don’t want to know my future. It will be too boring to predict every step of life, to know what will happen on the next day, week or even a next 10 year. I think that if we see the future than it isn’t a future it’s already a past tense because we’ve already seen everything and it means we already were there. Than what is the meaning of life, what is the aim of life if we can not have a possibility to build the future by our hands? :)

08:21 AM Jun 23 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

a gree  with  elenait  would be there  is no new boringand  even if u  loved someone 

09:37 AM Jun 23 2011 |




I’d want to know when I delete my account on FB Tongue out

11:40 PM Jun 23 2011 |



could be  

02:51 AM Jun 24 2011 |