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how I can cook food from your country?



Iran, Islamic Republic Of


like diffrent food from other country.

who can say about cook luscious and good test food

I want cook it ? say to me materials need and style for cook it

04:32 AM Aug 06 2007 |

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but you should first let us make sure you're a good cook

07:32 AM Aug 06 2007 |




chinese food is so delicious.

03:01 PM Aug 08 2007 |




"回锅肉"which means double cooked pork.

you need to buy the pork,chop into slips ,not too thick,and the beans,onion.patato of rufia. hot oil of course in the pan.

so,the next is your world, wish you'll  finish the cooking.


05:06 AM Aug 09 2007 |



you can cook kebab with your self it is so delicious but it is more delicious in turkey than ever.:)

08:50 PM Aug 09 2007 |

Rita Reis

Rita Reis


Chicken with Rice: cut chicken into small pieces , some  seasoning (salt, some pepper, onion chopped and some  garlic) Put some oil in a  pan  and  a  Table spoon of sugar , let it become  brown , then  put  the   chicken  and cook it  for  15 min( don't  put  water).  Add  some  Rice  let it  fry  a  little  and  then   put  some water  till cover   it. After 15 min  its   ready. Cut some   tomatoes  in little  squares  add  some   onions, salt, some  oil, and  a  lemon ( juice). We  call  that   GALINHADA  WITH   VINAGRETE  ....It's   delicious…Try  making  it…it's   a  Brazilian  Dish  from  center  east  region

03:30 AM Aug 10 2007 |