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Who is your best friend in Ebaby?




Mine is Monique from Brazil! =D what about you?

06:16 AM Aug 09 2011 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

My best friends are BeW from Switzerland and Lori from Romania.

07:53 AM Aug 09 2011 |




mine is Rezon 邬 from China

12:42 PM Aug 09 2011 |



Russian Federation

not ONE :)

Irene (kokoboko), Cranberry, MsX, Saladeen, Agnolia, Storyteller and some more good friends I have here :)

03:45 PM Aug 09 2011 |

Monique Fernandes


Oh Santiago!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) (I know you just want me to do all your university homework u.u hehe kidding :D)

I don’t have just one.. and they are completely different one from the other!! Some are more similar to me.. others are almost the opposite.. but we always have things to share and to learn from each other :) They are like members of my family!

The ones who still have profile in Englishbaby are SantiagoC from Uruguay (the one who opened this thread), oblivion07 from Syria, Rikarduhedgehog from Portugal, and fd2 from Peru.

About the ones that have deleted their profiles they are Olga from Ukraine and Elena from Russia.

I also have other good friends like sHiFra from Mexico, Yasminne_15 from Venezuela, Müsh from Turkey, etc.

Most of them are my friends for over 3 years, some others for almost 3 and another for 2 years.

So, I mentioned these 6 best friends as the people who are closer to me, who talks to me the most… who are patient enough to stand all my craziness every single week. I love you all S2 :)

12:13 AM Aug 10 2011 |




I want to know a good friend for talk . who want to contact me  or leave her’s telephone ? I missed you very much . wish your best friend ?

my english is not very well ? Do you want to know me ? I wish to your good friend .

05:49 AM Aug 11 2011 |




my name is afan wang.i am rookie in ebaby.nice to meet you ! wish to become your friend ! 

12:40 AM Aug 21 2011 |

Learner of Life


My best friends in Ebaby are they whom I have spent bitter n sweets moments together with them, in order to seek the true and change each of us become the better ones.

We learn from each other n we help each other in doing good deeds.

We not always praise each other but we enjoin each other to reach our goals in this life n in the next life.

We understand that each of us has weakness n strength, but we realize that all of them are complement to each other.


04:27 AM Aug 21 2011 |