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Life Talk!

Do You Believe in GOD



There is so much criminal activities going on in the whole world,The rate of crime has increased over the past 50 years,be it murder,rape,kidnapping,pollution.the whole world seems to be growing very fast in this field.But there is no miracle sort of thing happening as we used to see in super-natural power movies.

Does that mean that there is no existance of GOD and here in earth only Human beings,animals and plants are lively creatures.And there are human beings who are 'GOOD' and there are some who are 'BAD'.So  the Good means GOD and Bad means Devil.

08:50 AM Aug 10 2007 |

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love life

love body

love earth

love word

02:05 PM Aug 10 2007 |




Hi, this my first time in this forum ..


about your question, my answer is yes ..

as we know nothing can happen accidentally , for example we never see an boat building it self , there must be someone who is buliding it ,, so what about the creaters how they come .. accidentally  of course not …

 so for sure there is a god ..

02:39 PM Aug 10 2007 |

islamic girl

Saudi Arabia

Hi, this my first time in this forum ,also

I agree with flowers83,,

12:35 PM Aug 12 2007 |




i belive in god


01:38 PM Aug 12 2007 |





i belive in myself more than god.

god have given  me nothing so far.

02:00 PM Aug 12 2007 |




God lives, just look around you.

Well, I say God is life, and life is happieness. If you were to search for happieness, you would have found God. we were made to be happy, so be happy, your life will be full of happiness, God is happy.

Anyway, what I've just written is based from the game Silent Hill 3. It is a great game, give it a try, and you will understand the meaning, from my point of view, of God.

07:32 PM Aug 12 2007 |



Its my first time also…

Well, it's a difficult question…

I believe in God

Howerer, I understant the people who don't believe. Sometimes is difficult believe in something when the world seems over. There are many violence, corruption and bad people… 

But God is important to give me hopefulness 

08:01 PM Aug 12 2007 |

moon_ sister


مlook to your self then answer to me all that and you dont belive that belive in god

i feel sorry about you

cause when you die im sure you will belive but you will belive too too and too late and then you cannot do anything


05:35 AM Aug 13 2007 |


Viet Nam

me too

07:04 AM Aug 13 2007 |



thanks a lot guys for replying,

    but this forum is mainly meant to improve your english, so i think no one should answer 1-liners like "yes i do " or " me too".

  please write down your true feelings in a bit detail and try to use words which you have learnt recently and plz dont be personal.Some guys are thinking that as i have asked this question i am pessimist and i will feel sorry when i die!!!!!

well guys i do love my life and enjoys the life a lot.It is just the topic for discussion and not for personal comments plzz.

  Now to be more precise wil you guys write any moment in your life(in brief ofcourse) where you have felf that GOD is there or GOD is not there(evil or good).


10:12 AM Aug 13 2007 |