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Children and TV



what do you think when a teenage boy is left to hold in his hands a remote for hundreds of diversed channels, and starts feeding his natural curiousity ?

10:01 PM Aug 26 2011 |

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Not just a teenager but also his father does that.

I’ve seen these cases and I think it’s a shame for the family.Because it’s the duty of parents to control their children.That’s why my parents never thaught about satellite!!!!

07:52 AM Aug 27 2011 |



Yeah unfortunately it is !

and the worst of all is that Cartoons are used purposely to include a certain kind of sigils that was discovered that it aroused the child’s sexuality from an early age ! I have avideo about how to include sigils incartoons, but I feel ashamed to show it…it is really satanic idea !

In general this is a link on how people are being brainwashed through thier own tubes:


05:33 PM Aug 27 2011 |




unfortunately, it is not banned at all, but it is as you see supported through tubes. and one wonders how humanity is going through such corruption, it’s no wonder !

11:22 PM Aug 27 2011 |



hossam,i completely agree with you,defintely,for now,internet progress and information flood in speeding,not only kids but adults are affected,like violence,porn,video game and so forth, these info is not banned by good methods,so more and more teengers are trying it,let to cirme ratio up,one thing i m concered about is the social secrity in future,high carrer pressure,high unemployment ratio,internet negative effect and so on…....oh,my god ,what’s wrong with the world

03:13 AM Aug 28 2011 |



That’s what happens when losing control of technology

01:05 PM Aug 28 2011 |