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Life Talk!

how should i do now ? could you have better adivce to me?




hi,i  am  youthliu  who  come from  China,i  am   23   years  old  ,   now   i  have  lost   my  job   yesterday ,  i  am  finding  new   job  now , now  i  am so  tired  ,  how   should  i  do?


10:31 AM Aug 31 2011 |

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Russian Federation

you should calm down and do some meditation at first.

Don’t worry, I had the same situation. You’ll find your new good job for sure.

11:12 AM Aug 31 2011 |



Hi, youthliu! Like Eleniya, I think you should calm down. You can try sleep 8h00 by night ? Or practise an activitie wich relax you!!
But you must continue !

05:11 PM Aug 31 2011 |