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Life Talk!

Can you live without married .I mean alone




i still confused about this please giving your opinion

08:05 AM Sep 01 2011 |

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Russian Federation

A lot of people live without it. But one should decide oneself.

12:05 PM Sep 01 2011 |



Yes we can live without marriage but in my opinion, we can’t live without love …
Because love is exceptional! It’s love we makes the hapiness …

It’s true the marriage is associate to dream for many girl, but we can live without.

02:13 PM Sep 01 2011 |



i think you can but life will be so difficult

ur partner could be everything to you shares everything with you sweet or bitter

and donot forget its the norm of our life

06:55 PM Sep 01 2011 |



I think whether get married or not depend on youself,people can live without married but can not live without love,in fact ,in my country,for now more and more young people don’t want get married,it’s not really don’t want to get married,just don’t have enough money to gett married,you know,estate pricing in china was raised year by year,generally,in capital of china,you need to work 2-3 months just can buying one square meter.so this suitation is not good for freashman out of college,on the other hand,if you want get married without apartment,you will be losting your girlfriend whit girl family and friend’s pression

10:20 AM Sep 02 2011 |




you can live without getting married, but if u want to have children u should get married, if u want to have stable relationships u should get married, if u want t show how much u love and care u should propose to ur girlfriend

03:46 PM Sep 02 2011 |



Hello friends

In my opinion, within according with my religion getting marriage is obligation for every person, whenever Allah (God) were created human into different thing like culture, ras, skin, so actually, Allah give human chances to know each other and finallly unite into a family.

Are u agree????

05:13 AM Sep 03 2011 |




well yes you can live without marriage till you meet the right person ,I mean it’s rediclous to get married just to wear a wedding suit !!!!!!!!!!  we need to get married when we are ready and find our spouse

05:27 AM Sep 04 2011 |




no u the person cant live with out it how the life will continue

01:47 PM Sep 04 2011 |



United States

I guess so, but I’d need to have friends and family near me.

I’d rather be unmarried than in an unhappy marriage, certainly. 

03:36 AM Sep 05 2011 |




I think it depends on the character. some tend to know that there is always sb at their back, and some are addicted to feel free of any limit. as you know, marriage brings some responsibilities with itself. still, it brings happiness too. I dont agree with those who claim that marriage is the biggest mistake you may ever do. if you know yourself, know whom you want to be with and what you expect from her/him, then marriage turns out to be a great thing for your soul. as Socrates says, by all means marry. if you get a good wife you ll become happy, and if you get a bad one you ll become a philosopher! Wink

07:29 PM Sep 06 2011 |