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Life Talk!

what place you want to see before you die?



i would like to visit the edinburgh's old town, in photos it's looks like heaven, so what does it look like in real!!

i aslo would like to visit Ireland and learn the Galic!


so what about you guys!

03:07 PM Aug 20 2007 |

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i want to see makkah and then die at its earth


02:04 AM Aug 25 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

How about if I've run out of money ,that wouldn't be possible for me to travel anywhere.

Assume that I get some money by some ways .For example ;maybe that I find someone who borrows me some money ,or I might force another one  to give me some money which's the most possible way that works on these days .

Anyway,I'd like to go to Canada and study there ,who knows ? maybe that I spend my whole life there .


03:18 AM Aug 25 2007 |



i figured out that you r relating to Irenald in away or others!

i recommend the song (only time) for Eyna, i know you would like it.

enjoy the rest of the day!

08:08 PM Aug 25 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

 i wanna to travel to italy


and that what will happen


sorry 4 sppling


02:43 AM Aug 26 2007 |