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Life Talk!

ask the next member

lola forever

Saudi Arabia

hi every body,how are u all?

here u can ask the next member any question u have in ur mind

my question 4 the next member what do u like 2 do when u are feeling angry?

05:36 PM Aug 31 2007 |

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to live on a beach with my horse n i 'll choose my lover to pass with me this life of dreams.umm  all is natural there n especially that i'll b alone with my sweetheart…i think that nothing can b more beautiful than this .   Innocenti hope this a day  :)

       my Q:how did u come up with ur nickname here??

09:33 PM Sep 09 2007 |




 my name is Asuda but my friends call me susu ,so its my nick name:)

Q:who is the most close person to you that you cannot hid any thing from her/him? 

08:26 AM Sep 10 2007 |



my husband…...............i cant hid anything from him…

 whthr u always remebr to wish ur best friend on his/her b'day?

09:30 AM Sep 10 2007 |




Buy her/him a present which she/he always want to have.
My Q: Who’s your best friend which you can tell her/him all the things about your work?

07:40 AM Sep 12 2007 |



my @: now, my best friend is a soldier to defence our country :-)

my Q: how many world can u live? ( thing large and give your answer )

09:47 AM Sep 12 2007 |