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Life Talk!

You can ask any questions about China from me!




This time, all Chinese are still in the traditional new year’s festival. the new year day is January 23th, and most Chinese will go to work till January 30th.

It was said that Chinese is repalceing the Japanese to buy the world, you can see the crowded Chinese at any luxary store all over the world.

Something is true, but something can not reflect the reality of the current China.

I hope explain all issues of China, base on a normal Chinese’s understanding.

welcome the questions!

10:06 AM Jan 27 2012 |

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thank you very much for your answer.

This information is what I needed

Now I will go on my studies

Thanks again

07:05 AM Feb 04 2012 |




how do chinese spend their free time?

02:35 PM Feb 04 2012 |




@ sonrah

Everyone says that Chinese is getting richer these days, and China became the second economic entity beyond Japan. So now Chinese have more spare time and more money for entertainments.

The most popular activity by the young people is karaoke, you can go with your several friends, sing for the whole night. Some karaokes called KTV have the special services, I think you know what I mean.

Many teenage enjoy all kind of sports, just like the other country’s youth, the young people are always full of energy.

And now few people choose read the real physical books, they prefer to surf on the internet, or play with their ipads or Iphones. Everyone look at their cell phone when they are on the metro or waiting for something.

I think I should say something special of the Chinese, but I really can’t find one, it is a globalization era, we are deeply influenced by the Hollywood culture, drag and sex are also the teenage pursuit, not as much as the US, but you can find it around your life.


01:21 AM Feb 06 2012 |




@ a_yanakz

you can ask anything you want if you have difficulties in learing Chinese.

01:22 AM Feb 06 2012 |