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Life Talk!

lets play a messages game



United Arab Emirates

its simple and easy u have to right any number u wish then the next person has to write the number of the message on his phone then he put a number for the next person

 for example i choose no. 4

the 4th text in my phone  is ( hi Ib how u doing? did u heard the news today a man died in his house. do u what the reason of his death! i dont know what to say its very silly >>>> he forgot to breathe hehe …....)                                                                                                                   the next person  (3)

02:56 PM Sep 03 2007 |

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number three in my phone is:

where are u? are u comming for dinner? we are waiting for u.

lol ….... next person 10

11:30 AM Sep 04 2007 |




Do not worry. I will be there in a few minutes.

The next person number 7…

08:10 PM Sep 08 2007 |