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Life Talk!

what would be your ideal marriage proposal?

cheer manal


One woman would like to be really normal, with no romantic stuff not like fancy movies on the knee  with flowery words, or on the sea under the moon, it hasn´t to be that complicated…just natural and simple.

An other woman wants a proposal maybe in a form of song under the rain, or it would be better with red roses and an expesive beautiful ring.

who are you between these women?

even men are welcomed to express their ideas Smile



04:24 PM Feb 02 2012 |

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cheer manal



So true, mostly women like everything to be special not only their proposal overall, woman tend to be attentive to details than men..maybe i need to watch that movie.. it sounds great!

thanks for dropping by


04:50 PM Feb 03 2012 |




ok so i can share my bad ideas here?????

thanks for your words about egypt

04:54 PM Feb 03 2012 |

cheer manal


@ Kotlesya:

it´s as if being separated from the outside world..being in your own world with  sweet memories..i wish one day i could experience such warm moment. 

thanks sweety !

05:15 PM Feb 03 2012 |




i think it isnt very important the marriage proposal 

i think that the question is how the life would be after marriage .

some marriage proposal may be magical and very romantic but the important

thing is that the person she marry ..what is the use of the nice proposal with

afake person that deceives her and make her suffering after marriage

i think girls must be clever and they have to be clever not think as atrivial


and the important thing in that that we have follow our religion instructions

to have anice life before and after death

05:36 PM Feb 03 2012 |

cheer manal


I do agree , but here we are speaking in general. it´s something that particularly has to do with girls and not any type of girls but romantic and sensitive ones. such proposals are not more that  gestures through which the person could express his love and make it an unforgettable moment for the other person. the majority of people have the usual proposal…and it´s ok 

I see nothing wrong with both situations.


03:16 PM Feb 05 2012 |