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Life Talk!

Please unban me from chat

Strong Tran

Viet Nam

I apologize for using the bad word with my name, but I don’t have bad purpose, I thought it’s only for fun. And now, I’m really regret now. I hope Admin will unban me, please. I will never use those words again :(

And Is there anybody know how to contact with Admin, I don’t know how to contact with admin. Thanks

03:07 PM May 02 2012 |

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wasim ali

wasim ali


hellow i said just how are you in arabic only first time then ebaby baned me :’(:’(:’(Cry

10:14 AM Aug 24 2012 |

wasim ali

wasim ali


i dont know how to contact admin please tell me how to contact with admin… i just say how are you in arabic..:’(:’(:’(

10:16 AM Aug 24 2012 |


United States

Well I joked about porn collection and I got banned I wonder how fair is this evil Admin, it’s not like I directly violated his rules … now I lost contact with all my dear friends

11:54 PM Mar 19 2013 |