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Life Talk!

Please Say Goodbye Before Leaving Ebaby!;)



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I don’t understand!

Here we have formed a virtual community of our friends!

We know eachother by names!

Everyday we share many things together about our lives ,habits, interests ,daily events ….

Then how can we leave here without saying Goodbye!:(

Its your choice to leave Ebaby and everyone has a reason for leaving!

But please inform your friends that you are leaving here!!!

03:36 PM Jun 04 2012 |

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Anoushia Farhan


Yes, leaving without saying goodbye hurts.

08:24 AM Jun 05 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of



Happy to see you!:)

08:38 AM Jun 05 2012 |




Dearest, Mahtab it was very wise of you to rise the topic like this one.

It is incomprehensible thing, indeed.

People  swear they appreciate friendship here and everywhere and one day they evaporate without any hints and signs. 

So, what is it? Was it real friendship and sincere words or just fake friendship and flattery????

Internet world requires a little bit of comity as real world does. 

08:52 AM Jun 05 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Oh thanks my Dear Lesya for your great comment!!

You know?One time I canceled my profile but before leaving I posted a forum and said Goodbye to my friends!:)

Everyone has a personal reason for leaving here but at least close friends can inform us before leaving!

Specially when we know eachother for long time and have many good times together!

Of course I dont agree with deleting profiles!

Its not a good solution for solving any problem and vice versa it causes misconception about you to others!Specially when you repeat that for few times and back with other names!;)


09:24 AM Jun 05 2012 |




Dear, Mahtab I was surprised to hear that you canceled your profile some time ago. :( Seems to be there were very serious reasons to do it.

Eventually, you are here with us again!!!

You are right we all have our personal reasons for leaving sites that become boring for us.

We have to learn to take Internet world  easy and never throw a fit if something goes in its own way and in opposite direction from our imagination. Smile

10:23 AM Jun 05 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Yes My Dear Lesya!

I was “mahtab bp” like now!:)

You know what?My Dear Irene helped me so much to pass those times and helped me to make decision about coming back to Ebaby!;)

Yes! I agree with you!We have to learn how to behave with people on the internet and what to expect from that!:D

It was my great lesson in life!

10:50 AM Jun 05 2012 |

Irene Forever


Dear Mahtab, this topic is really important for those who have hearts and can feel. On Ebaby people send many comment to each other saying sweet words and all of sudden they can leave without any regrets. I know that  those people who were real friends keep friendship any way independently if they are on Ebaby or not. But  it’s preferably to say goodbye before leaving.  Still they have a right to behave as they like. We just become wiser and realize the price of all comments and loud words thrown to the wind.

01:08 PM Jun 05 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Thanks My sweet Anja and My lovely Irene!

your comments are great and I’m sure we all agree with these word!

But why I didnt have any problem with my female friends untill now!

They are as lovely as that they were at first!!!!

Oh men!:(


01:35 PM Jun 05 2012 |




I canceled my account a year ago, and I kept only 2-3 of my friends informed about my desicion. I did not tell everyone because I do not really like saying goodbye to people. It feels like I will never see them again and the worst part is my eyes get welled and tears fall down my cheeks. :) I had significant reasons to leave Ebaby, though. I had to concentrate on my studies with a focused mind, because internet is rather distractive at times and Ebaby is addictive, just like my coffee habit. :) Every day that I spent away from Ebaby and my friends whom I did not inform of my disappearance, I felt truly guilty, because what I did was not fair. They got concerned about me (not the close ones, I mailed them all the time.)

Furthermore, I bridle at those whose accounts are still activated but they do not check their profiles, and their excuse is “Oh, I was too busy. You know life keeps us all busy…” Yeah, that is right, but it takes only 5 minutes to drop a few lines and a sign of life, and I can spend an hour to make my friends happy. It is not a waste of time to me. Instead, it is a time of merriment to me. :) I do not see Ebaby as a virtual world, to be honest, because as an active member dedicating 5 years of my life to Ebaby, I have built up great friendships. I am so glad to have my valuable friends. :)

01:39 PM Jun 05 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi Dear Mess!!

Firstly I want to say your english is great!


You didnt leave Ebaby because you were hurt and you knew  that you will come back again!Its very different!:D

But you are right Ebaby is very special site!I registered to other language sites but Ebaby was another thing and I’m really addicted to that!

Thanks for your comment!

Be happy my Dear Mess!:)

01:57 PM Jun 05 2012 |