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Life Talk!

About Fashion....


zeus2006Super Member!


Hope everone is okay. I wasn’t here for along time but now I’m here for a new topic… What are all your thoughts about fashion? About men fashion? About women fashion? About fornitures fashion? about…. there are many, he? Why do we creat this ? In my opinion, fashion is to make clothes look good on your body and to feel nice in it, even it doesn’t have the fashion colours or shape of the year. Now I give a link below which is on my facebook page has many photos about clothes. if you you leave your comment on that photo’s page I’ll be happy:)


08:06 PM Jul 15 2012 |

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zeus2006Super Member!


Thank you jakarl but I couldn’t open that link. I guess out of order or there is something about connection.

12:29 PM Jul 17 2012 |



to my mind, fashion is about making oneself comfortableWink

07:29 AM Jul 20 2012 |


zeus2006Super Member!


Yes, I agree with you Toxic :)

05:49 PM Jul 21 2012 |

made in heaven

United Kingdom

In my view fashion is about creativity. Besides ,human is so weak about everything that shines ,looks richer than it really is ,looks better than other have it and so on.At the end everything that uses brain is good to me ,so fashion is useful too.

02:06 PM Oct 07 2012 |