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Life Talk!

Any Suggestion??




I am really bored of sitting in front of computer or watching tv in all summer. What else can i do which helps me to improve myself? Do you have an idea ???

11:39 AM Jul 22 2012 |

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Hey!! If your kids just end up watching more n more of TV during their summer holidays!! Then you should do something about it!! This will make them all the more lazy! And would not gain something knowledgable through it!! So , its very important that during summers you engage them in personality development classes or in some kind of hobbies/activities!! For my child abheer, I got Crayola Mess Free color Wonder, from hushbabies, It is a very innovative way to develop painting!! Then you can also try a variety of coloring, activity books too!! Let them enjoy the mess-free creativity!! This way it will also enhance their imagination and creativity!!

10:40 AM Jul 23 2012 |