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Life Talk!

How can I do it?




Hi everybody

The life has many challenges and the successful people won but there are loser people and some of them between both

My challenges now is normaly hard

My teacher in the university told me he will give me 5 chapters from the Management text book

and I must memorize these 5 chapters because he will give me an exam about them

it’s essay exam like listing and definitions and essay questions ,  I have only 1 hour for the exam

and my challenge is to reach 95 out from 100 ,

and you know management books are very big and the chapters are very long

so I need your help to advise me, how can I memorize these 5 chapters?

give me any successfull plan to do it

Best reagrds!Smile

11:06 AM Aug 06 2012 |

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it’s a really tough target,what i can only do is that give you some encouragement: trust yourself,you can make it!

02:54 AM Aug 07 2012 |




Hi Eva_s

thanks for your comment

actually yes it’s really tough

thanks again you are motivate me because I should have encouragement to pass it

best wishesSmile


08:43 AM Aug 07 2012 |


British Indian Ocean Territory

Hi there, sorry I guess you need no help. Well, if you are looking for some kind of writing help, I would recommend you to contact Supreme essay service. Those guys are real professionals in what they do. So you can give them a try. Best of luck!

07:14 AM Feb 15 2017 |




Management isn’t something to memorize or to learn by heart. You just need to understand the definitions included in the chapters and every idea. Maybe there are some words to memorize, that’s it. 

02:31 PM Feb 25 2017 |




Oh! I didn’t pay attention to the date of this post! It’s from 2012! h-a-h could already have his PhD by now! 

02:34 PM Feb 25 2017 |