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Life Talk!

A Favor



Hello people!

I’ve been away from here and missed everyone so much.. How are you?

I came here with an aim. I’d like to start and continue some of my collections.

One is about coins, if anyone could send me some, i’d really be honored, expecially arabic and iranian coins.. I love them.

The second is about seeds. I really like plants and i’ve a greenhouse which I maintaine some certains exotic plants and they live after all. so if you can give me seeds of exoctic or exotic fruits i’d be really happy for that.

For now my biggest ’’dream’’ is to have seeds of durians, jackfruit, chempedak and dragon fruit.

If anyone could do this, please contact me, and if I ever can do something just ask me,

big hug from portugal


02:11 PM Sep 02 2012 |