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UK qualification - 100% scholarship !!!


United Kingdom

Boost Education Service Limited is going to assess 10 student file for 100% scholarship this week. If you are a student with excellent academic background, please contact us. This is your chance to get a UK qualification for free !!!!!!

This scholarship minimum requirement is IELTS 7.0, ssc & hsc English 5.0, math 5.0. Credit transfer is unavailable in this offer. For post graduate IELTS 7.5, CGPA 3.5. 

If you want to apply for studies in UK, send your documents to email:liga@boosteducationservice.co .uk. We will try for other available options.

Boost Education Service Limited is an ambitious educational consulting company that is focused on making the process of studying internationally easier and better for the student. Access to more information and good advice allow the student  to have a more effective and efficient time spent in the UK. We will offer students effective solutions for their educational needs and time and cost requirements. Students will receive impartial advice through a well-designed plan to help them to choose the bestcourses, schools and accommodation in accordance to their needs and desires during their study period in the UK.  Advice available in Russian language on request. Offering expert service in the education consulting industry requires a distinct understanding of students needs, and keeping up to date with information on visas and other related matters, admission processes for different levels of courses and an extensive network with education providers. The firm keys to success are the company’s commitment to market awareness, the owner’s relationship with large numbers of both students and educational providers through her previous job (working as admissions officer), and further into the future. 

02:41 PM Sep 15 2012 |