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Traveling around the world!


United States

I am planning 2 years from now I shall be travelling the world a little, anyone knows of nice places I should go? I can also teach english, portuguese and spanish…just an heads up if any one need help! I love to meet new people. :)

03:02 PM Oct 06 2012 |

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Iris chang

Iris chang


hey! You should go to HongKong! I was born in HongKong but now I live in Taiwan. HongKong is a wonderful and multicultural place. Besides , HongKong cusine is really tasty. I’m sure you will have some new experience if you deeply travel in HongKong!

07:33 AM Oct 07 2012 |




come to egypt .you are welcome :))

12:08 PM Oct 07 2012 |



I’m italian, and i think that italy is a wonderful place. Italian food is incredible. You shoul go to napoli, or rome to eat pizza :) would you like it? I come from como, you should visite the lake! Anyway you can teach me english?

08:02 PM Oct 07 2012 |