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What do you think about learning the slang of a language?What else you should learn to say that you can get by a language??

04:18 PM Feb 04 2013 |

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United States

The properly spoken language can always be understood by other speakers.

To actually understand normal English as spoken here you must know common idioms. Many people here almost can’t speak the language without idioms.

Slang changes fast. Knowing it will help you understand them more than it will make you sound like them.  Slang and patois that are that accepted are generally in the dictionary. Slang thats linked to a current fad changes too fast. I would learn proper, idioms, then slang. And be aware that your sentences can be very wrong and still be understood. You see that all the time on here. They won’t correct your wrongs unless you want them too or there’s a misunderstanding because of it. So if you aren’t sure, ask somebody who knows about a specific question or sentence.

Just my opinions.

07:24 PM Feb 04 2013 |



United States

See? I couldn’t even write that without using an idiom. “all the time” usually means frequently. I would only expect it to be the literal absolute if the context showed that it was.

07:34 PM Feb 04 2013 |



Russian Federation

I think slang is important. Especially during the communication. If you want to be understood you should go with the times. So, classical vocabulary which uses in books is not very appropriate when you speak to close people

04:29 PM Feb 05 2013 |