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Life Talk!

Flash!!! Flash!!!!! Our Photos!!!! KINSKI AND ZEUS ARE JUST MARRİED :)


zeus2006Super Member!


Helloooooo all friendssss,

Me(Zeus) and Kinski met here last year in Agust.After one year we decided to get married .Our wedding day is on 19th October 2007 let's celebrate it here.

Is there anyone who has a good idea about celebration how must be here?????

Be happy and healthy.Zeus :)


11:02 AM Sep 22 2007 |

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zeus2006Super Member!


Hiiiiiiii Surlakanj,Newcastle,Blue Dreams,Lind@,Shad84,Kanaobi,AIR,Shanic,Boy,Ismahidayah,King2009,Ritegift18,Ferghama,Ifrah,A  freedom angel,Hakimi,Adrianne,Tk awan,

THANK YOU VERY MUCH really thank you very much for your nice, sincere words.We affected much.We hope all you get eachthing what you want in your life.

If only all you had been near us during our wedding day….Imagine, It became amazinggggg We love all you….....:) Be happy and healthy.Kinski and Zeus :)

By the way we will put our different photos on this page later….:)please don't misunderstand heheee not like that :) just I mean the other…...

We want to thank to Makifakat because we met eachother his topic which name is ''Have you ever been in Istanbul'' and thank you Newcastle for your new topic ,it is very nice gift for us :)

02:29 PM Oct 31 2007 |




Good for you. You two are just perfect couple like we Chinese often said excellent combination as a collection of pearls and gems!!!!!!!!!!!!


02:55 PM Oct 31 2007 |