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What do you think about Sweden?




I know that a lot of people in Italy think that in sweden all the girls are blond with big boobs. Who made up that idea? so I wonder what do you think about the country!

05:13 PM Sep 23 2007 |

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Trinidad and Tobago

Free Tuition Masters education, taught in English.


Lack of student housing, reason I didn't take up the place I was offered in Chalmers.

Racially tolerant.


05:21 PM Sep 24 2007 |



well, i have also had lots of Swedish friends in Turkey. especially Swedish girls are very nice and attractive against Turkish guys. well, i havent been to Sweden yet, but what i 've lived with them makes me sometimes think that i should go and live in sweden for some time :)

05:32 PM Sep 24 2007 |



United States

The Swedish people I have known have seemed to always be sleepy for some reason.

Hah my family (on my father's side) is originally from Denmark, so we are partly related, eh?

07:42 PM Apr 21 2008 |



pff, i live in Sweden :D, and here we call all blond girls stupid :/.

i will probably never leave sweden, maybe to visit a friend in Holland, but Sweden got all the things that i need =) 

03:10 PM Aug 19 2008 |