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Life Talk!

my sad past





 I´m from mexico and i have a bad experience because i was desperate for getting a relationship so i tried to start online dating and make friends  by web and the scam came up.

 One boy who was very nice and which i talk to for a time said that he loves me and just like that, also that i was the woman of his life, and many stupid things, so at first i have doubts but the he want that i sent him money for us to marry to go to nigeria and marry him, so i delete him for ever

 so i can tell you that before online dating read some info and do research, here i found some articles that may do the work





05:52 AM Sep 24 2007 |

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hi,my name is chidi chukwu,male,age 22yrs,you can contact me by +2348035723877 or to hear from you
i miss u

03:58 AM Sep 25 2007 |




thank you for your support,  didnt get to love him thank god but it is sad not to know who you can trust and whta type of intentions do they have, i think thats why i made a lot of research about it, and discover that they are spam, and now i know many things i dont do in the future

that's why i recommend all to get informed


06:32 AM Sep 26 2007 |