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Life Talk!

A Baby Girl Next Door




Taking little one to the school bus stop, awaiting the bus to come were our very important and favorite work of a day. Meanwhile we enjoyed the chance to get together too. Hand in hand with little one, swing little hand fore and aft, my wife happily walked in the breeze, having a chat with my precious.

We loved our precious very much. It’s really hard to say no to the innocent, cute face of a little angel for asking a hug. Seeing my wife giving a hug to little one, I completely dreamed in the atmosphere of happy life too.

Walking toward the stop with slight steps, we saw a little figure there- another baby girl accompanied with babysitter- living in the same community, waiting for the same bus. Divorcing parents made her a silent and very sensitive personalities unsuited for her age. Staying quiltly aside with her baby sitter, watching us ,a happy family, revealing envy expression in her eyes, really made me sad.

’’ Could you give me a hug too ?’’, a weak and little scarry voice hesitated a moment and asked suddenly. ’’ Knowing her unhappy background and saying not a word, my wife turned toward her immediately and gave her an affectionate embrace. Starring at her little face with closed eyes, enjoying in a temporary satisfaction I couldn’t help but wondered what’s in her mind in the moment.

Fath’ma ! I do hope to see you again someday if having God’s mercy again. But I love my little one, my dear wife, I know it clearly to be a dream gradually getting away from me.

03:01 AM Dec 09 2014 |