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Life Talk!

our social life


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hello.Im a simple student not eldery . Im young to say this but im understand.

im understand what happen in the world .

Now aday world changed , life change,so people change too.

we cant look people in one shape , they are change.changes in their behavior,also changes in their appearence.

they couldnt stand just in one sitoation .

some people is confident , they see themself in high level.they just see themself  they are not consider they dont think about other.so these people is useless

also they see other idiot and poor and also mad.despite they are immature.

Now aday Love is in low situation.people dont attention at this despite nowaday people attention at SEX instead of love . but this not good . we should abligation these problem , now aday in our life we need love , we need happiness , we need mature people , we should optimistic about everything to make good life. 

we should forgive people,we should make good & healthy communication with people.its better, by this we can have fun too but we should careful to choose people . we shouldnt choose unreliable person , mabe some of them have devil personality , we should choose people that we can count on them , our choosen is verry important…SO Whats your opinion about social life?

09:59 AM Nov 05 2015 |

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United States

I love to talk and make new friends.

01:31 PM Nov 05 2015 |


Saudi Arabia


06:57 PM Nov 05 2015 |