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How do you see Brazil?

Felipe Perez


I born and live in Brazil all my life. I always saw people of other countries with a distorted vision of Brazil. I don't know why it occurs!

 Taking it in consideration how do you see Brazil my friends?

08:29 PM Oct 04 2007 |

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Trinidad and Tobago


Speak Portuguese. Largest country in south america. Has most of the Amazon.

I like the Brazilian stick fighting dance Cavallo?

I like Churros.

I have not met many Brazilian people.  Most of the people I have had contact with have been through work and because I live on a tiny island and Brazil is the regional headquarters, those interactions would not be a good basis for Brazilian people in general.


10:57 PM Oct 04 2007 |

Felipe Perez


WYZ, I agree with you!

Brazil is a great place! Here we have a lot of problems, but other countries have too!! 

11:05 PM Oct 04 2007 |

Felipe Perez


KOCHIN, when you sad "Cavallo" I believe that you want to say "Capoeira", didn't you?


11:09 PM Oct 04 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

hmm when I hear  brazil ,  I start thinking about football and I see some pple dancing samba !!


10:06 PM Oct 17 2007 |

Monique Fernandes


I love my country!!! I also think that kochin meant Capoeira. hehe That's the first time that I see a foreign person talking about Churros!!!

10:39 PM Oct 17 2007 |




I live in Hungary.I learn both spanish and portuguese and I love the Brazilian culture.I also play capoeira and I have already eaten churros and i like itSmileWhen I hear brazil, I forget  about all of my problems and became  happy and I miss my brazilian friends with whom I played capoeira last yearLaughing

09:10 PM Nov 17 2007 |




I'm a chinese.Now i'm facing the entrance examnation.i'm going to have a trip after the examnation.My first plan is to go to the Brazil.But my friend told me that is not safe there.So i'm afraid.Because i really have no any idea about there.

But i really lobe B.Hope i can be there someday.

12:46 PM Sep 14 2008 |




Brazil,it is the place I love most ,and the place hurt me most.

02:02 PM Sep 14 2008 |




The Brazil is the country of the soccer.

Thera are many women and places beautiful for you know.

What is bad is the violence but where there isn't violence.

05:14 AM Sep 21 2008 |



United Kingdom

"How do you see Brazil?"


In an Atlas.

12:52 AM Feb 01 2009 |