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Internet in Your life




Can You imagine your life without an internet?

How much time do you usually spent by Web-surfing?

Is it very useful thing for you or you here just for fun?

02:27 PM Oct 14 2007 |

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^sweety baby^


hi  Yuqin  ,  I  think  I  can't  leave  internet  in  my  life .  there  i  can learn  more  and  more  knowledge  and  make  friends  with  us .  So  i  need  it .  The  useful  thing  to  me  is  improve  my  English .  Because  I'm  a  Chinese  girl , my  English  not  very  good .  So  i  like  to  stay  here .

02:46 PM Oct 14 2007 |




actually i can't imagine my life without internet

first of all in education we need internet to searshing and looking for informations

and also when we have a free time? how can we spend  it ? maybe we can spend it to do something else but nowadays internet become important in our life..

as long as to communicat with others

do shopping , discussing with friends

loocking for informations , knowledge …

in my opinion internet it's something important in our life specialy we are living in the modernity



02:53 PM Oct 14 2007 |


Trinidad and Tobago

I remember my life before the internet.

We got internet in 1996 when I was 16.

As such I did not grow up using the internet.

Could I live without the internet now. Yes.

It undoubtedly has its uses, but a good book, a night out with friends. There is only so much you can do virtually. 

12:47 AM Oct 15 2007 |




i think it is a very good tool, you can hel people as i doSmile, but you can also do bad things like stafing people, so i think we are use to live with it but.. it has been a bless and a curse…

I hope we learn to use it with wisdom



02:21 AM Oct 15 2007 |



now i use internet every day.i am just cumtomed to use it.without it,i can  also  deal with the  things well.i  have much more time to go  out with my friends.compared with  staying at home with a  computer,i prefer to go  to some good  places with my friends

02:21 AM Oct 15 2007 |