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beautiful place in your country




Hi everyone who are reading this;) I want to ask u about beautiful places in ur countries. What is there and where this place is… In Poland I thing that the beautiful place is Krakow. It is in south Poland and there is many of beautiful moniuments…

04:35 PM Oct 17 2007 |

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Everywhere in my country is simply fascinating imo, it is impossible to pick just one or a few.

09:32 AM Oct 18 2007 |

flower bud

flower bud


i come from china.

there are many beautiful placese in my country like my hometown langzhong city in sichuan province .

welcome to my hometown .

11:49 AM Oct 18 2007 |

Louis Letta

Tanzania, United Republic Of

There are a lot of places which are beautiful.There are almost seven national parks with full of different types of animals. welcome Tanzania.

03:49 PM Oct 18 2007 |