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My first time as a writer




I was thinking of writing an article for a page that i found just for the fun of improve my english… so tell me what you think?


For this joyous occasion in a woman life sometimes is more complicated to be perfect, and in order to accomplish envisioned wedding, all aspects should be thoroughly planned, here are some tips to achieve it.
  1. You need to choose a special theme for your wedding. The bride and groom will need to plan all aspects of the wedding reception to incorporate that theme and set the stage for the perfect wedding reception
  2. For having a perfect wedding reception you need to include beautiful decorations, can be very elaborate based on the specific theme of the wedding.
  3. Everyone remembers whether food is good or bad and you are much better to be remembered for serving good food!
  4. The music should reflect the theme of the wedding but should also be music that guests will enjoy. Most wedding receptions include dancing, and guests want to dance to the best music!
5.      Planning all the little details of your wedding and reception can be a chore, with so many things to take care of that it can turn a day of happiness into one that is stressful. 6.      More people are choosing their own wedding vows is a perfect idea to become more special.7.      The first thing people see when entering a reception hall is usually the wedding cake, so pick up one that is spectacular.8.      For the wedding gown, the first to select must be the general shape of the dress; it, second a wedding dress that makes her look and feel beautiful, and last the color of the dress because the white is becoming less popular.

So there you have it, the perfect wedding reception is within reach of the bride and groom as long as the plan their time and money accordingly. Every bride deserves to have this perfect day and that includes having a reception to remember, and why not having a happily ever after.

Here is the page where i paln to post it, and i think i is really useful for learning english, reading stuff in here


05:05 AM Oct 22 2007 |