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bad thoughts



when we meet some bad persons from some places or countries, we deceide always all of people in this place are bad and we find our selves hate this country and its people, although every where have bad and good people.

04:35 PM Oct 27 2007 |

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thats true ,all over the world,there are good and bad people.I don't believe that you really hate  these or those people because they came from this or that country…look in the eyes of the people and you have the most time,the right feeling….  

09:11 PM Nov 08 2007 |



I agree with minora_2006. It’s really hard to judge people as good or bad, becasuse thoughts of people's are effected by their culture.Good behaviors for some people may be bad behavior for the others.Diffderent counties have different caulture, thoughts,the way to use time,sense of distance between persons, and so on…
So, we sometimes make misunderstanding.Of cause, there are bad people in everywhere. That's my opinion. 

07:00 AM Nov 09 2007 |