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Life Talk!

when do you feel tears in your eyes? and when do you try to hold it?



sorry if i make you sad, but alot of time we have a tears in heart and we try to hidden it not to appear in eyes. but some times your eyes betray you and you find your tears drop.

what make you feel tears in your eyes? and  when you try to hold it?!

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02:42 PM Nov 01 2007 |

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tears wounld be always around us as a child.but that could be healed easily,and we forgot it quickly too.when we grow up,all the thing ,friends,surroundings,feeling have changed,there's a lot of sadness that we can't forget it easily and quikly any longer.i agree with sunnygirl and people who hve the same viewpoint,because it's better for us that life fill with joy and happiness.and i agree with Vinit$G too,because there are some sadness  that we can’t forget forever actually and objectively.at least I’m a member of those who have timeless sadness.

05:36 AM Nov 13 2007 |



Somethings make me cry , at that moment , I try my best to hidden my tears , but, I can’t help. because the guy I believe most betray me , he falling love with my best friend , both of them betray me , what I lost is love and friendship . I thought as long as I am be honest to everyone , I will get their honor , but things goes wrong , I tell myself , do not cry for somebody who are not worth , but , tears out of my control ,

08:20 AM Nov 13 2007 |



I cry usually for two reasons

1.  When some one I love him/her pass away

2. When I hear Heartbreaking and sad history /news

08:40 AM Nov 13 2007 |




just when my friends betray me ,'cause i always treat my friends with my heart and i also hope he could do the same thing to me

10:02 AM Nov 16 2007 |



ohhh i'm soo sensitive !! aand the most thing that  makes me sad when anyone yells at me… that makes me feel bad and want to cry soo hard even though i try to hide my tears but always my eyes betray me !!!

BUT the most important thing is a smile yes it's the secret of happiness soo after everytime i cry i smile and say a princess with out a smile is like a queen with out a crown so we have to smile :)

08:16 PM Nov 29 2007 |

t k awan

t k awan



one day,

I remember the day.




when my mom was not in the house,

that was the difficult moment for me,

Tears were flooting in my eyes.

i was trying to stop them but…........

thereafter i never chop the onion.it was a bad experience.

06:21 AM Dec 04 2007 |



whenever i am faced with difficulty, i always cry loudly. but after crying, i will feel much better, and then begin to adjust myself to the tough problem and try my best to solve the problem. but once, when i lost my younger  brother in a car accident,i didn't know why  i didn't cry loudly, but i could feel the tears in my eyes.  one of my friends came to comfort me, when i took a look at her, my tears just came down on my cheeks. i knew i would lose him forever, and we would never see his sweet face, lovely smile anymore. we lost him forever. how i miss him!

08:31 AM Dec 04 2007 |




iam not a cry baby most of the time i try to hold my tears whenever i feel some sorrow or bad.but sometimes it is really difficult to hold.

sometimes the biggest things i beared with confidence  hold my tears and hide my feelings but in some situation one little thing make me cry and my tears betry from my eyes.

09:56 AM Dec 04 2007 |