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Life Talk!

do u lost something in ur life, then you found that was better for you?!!



some time we lost some things in our life and be so sadCryand full of anger Yell, but after alot of days, may be months and may be years, we found that was better for us.

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05:50 PM Nov 03 2007 |

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dont feel lonely sunnyfeng we are here all friends, and why you disappear along days ago divender.

10:49 AM Nov 08 2007 |



we'll something whenever we get something else. never be angry or sad when we lose something and never be over happy when we get something we think the best.

03:15 PM Nov 08 2007 |



When this kind of thing happen to women people say…"Get over it, you are better off him." But it is not that easy. I think men can be really selfish sometimes. And being abandoned with two kids is not something you should accept or get used to. This is the kind of thing that can only be prevented by being more carefull choices in relationships. But, look at the bright side, now you can decide everything for yourself and go about as you like. Being an independent woman is not easy, but if you need to feel better, just listen to Gloria Gaynor and sing at the top of you lungs: "I will survive!"

11:24 PM Nov 08 2007 |




i've left my hometown for many years.i miss my hometown,my family,even my grandma.she is very old,now she is 92 years old.as sunnygirl said,death is the end of all the human,i'm afraid of my grandma's leaving,i love her.i've heard that she alwalys miss me too.but when i went home a year ago,i found that my grandma didn,t know me,because she was too old.because of these,i often feel dolorous. ... maybe what i need to do is becoming more strong.

02:05 AM Nov 09 2007 |



Dear chengens,

sunnygirl is wise girl,she understand life verywell but we miss a lot..Death is certain & we feel it will happen some day….no dear it's happening just now….evry breathe that comes in is life & breathe that goes out is death..both goes simuntaneously…we need not fearing of it but we need to understand the whole process of our life,death & our desires ,expectations…needs & a lot so as to pass the life celebrating… 

02:40 AM Nov 09 2007 |




Imagine losing some one whom you never met but had a contact  only thru pics, phone and via chatting. I used to chat a lot couple of years back by which i made good friends. but to be honest i always expected that this would be temporaray and due to any reason our friendship wont continue … which happened. I lost contact with my dearest friend, I found her again after years but only with a comment that Sorry.

well, Its life I guess, there would be some reasons for her behaviour but one thing satisfied me that she was around.

03:08 AM Nov 09 2007 |




yes,sunnygirl is right.when we get something,we may lost some others,and when we lost something,we may get some others.so good or bad just depend on how you think of it. 

01:03 AM Nov 10 2007 |



the world is full of sunshine.we should cherish it.weare always notgratefull what we have until we lose it ,not being concious of health until we are ill .please give life meaning.

02:47 AM Nov 10 2007 |



thanks friends for sharing, and welcome back divenderSmile

10:45 AM Nov 11 2007 |




hi sunnygirl , it’s agood topic to remmber sth happend in past .
for me it happend one year ago when i ingage with girl i loved her more and more so after 3 month ago i felt not happy with her. so i broken the ring witch connect between us . now im hapy and it became my girlfriend ( deep sorry for spelling or grammer if there is something rong )
thanks for listening

11:12 PM Dec 03 2007 |