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Life Talk!

do u lost something in ur life, then you found that was better for you?!!



some time we lost some things in our life and be so sadCryand full of anger Yell, but after alot of days, may be months and may be years, we found that was better for us.

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05:50 PM Nov 03 2007 |

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Friends,I feel that while walking upon the earth…we always loose the place where our foot was kept & alwys regaining the new space where we we are placing now….all depends upon howwe are doing that….or wheather we are aware about it….all depends upon our awareness….

02:05 AM Dec 04 2007 |




i think..when a person..aware that he\she hv lost something precious who,will be very sad and depressed,how sad it is..sometimes there is no words can tell ,but as times go by..mayber after months or years..she\he will feel good again..because..FIRST:time can cure everything. SECOND..as human can not just live in past..she\he should live in future and look past as friends..then he\she grown up…

03:24 AM Dec 04 2007 |

t k awan

t k awan


Yeh,when i lost something only once i think that why it is happen but when i confirm it then i feel comfortable.

God knows batter what is good for us, sometimes man thinks that something is good for him but he never get that but sometimes he gets something which he believes to be good butin the long run that creats trouble for him.

Neverthink that you lost something,think that what is remaining in your hand.cas what is in your possession that is yours.

05:48 AM Dec 04 2007 |