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Free from cheaters




have u ever recieve a messeage recently which told u that he or she is interested in u and want to be a partener of u and after u send him or her a e-mail that she will send u a picture?  after a few letters between u she have some millions of dollars that she want u to move out(sorry for my poor english,I wish u people can understand me)

I said this to tell u that they are all cheaters,I don't know who they are,but no dout they are all cheaters,their purpose must be cheating people money or something else!

12:03 PM Nov 05 2007 |

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i am sorry to hear that you have been cheated!

but you will not be cheated by them, won't you?

12:20 PM Nov 05 2007 |



United Kingdom

I receive different messages, they offer me dating, swap a photos ect, but I usually blew off that massages so I have no trouble ;P

03:59 PM Nov 06 2007 |