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Now its Difficult to find a simple thing like a friend , u just cant get a person to call a friend

02:39 PM Nov 07 2007 |

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United Arab Emirates

u r right it is difficulte to find friends in real life . imean the true friends.i don't trust anyone of my friends at all, i don't know why but i know i can't trust anyone.

i hope to get true friends who i can trus

05:29 PM Nov 07 2007 |



Russian Federation

I have a real friend I can trust and rely on. And yes it’s really hard to find such friends. Befor I trusted all my friends but time showed that the real friend is only one. And I want to find really good friends here, I believe I can.

06:46 PM Nov 07 2007 |




I had one person, which i caled friend. But this person was not one whom I taking him.I agree with you all!

06:57 PM Nov 07 2007 |



friends may come and go during goodtimes they are a bundle in times of adversities only true friend will be with you.So keep that friend and treasure the friendship.

11:34 AM Nov 09 2007 |



Dear jewel,

It is really difficult to find a real friend,just because we are not a real friend of ourselve…before we go to search a real friend outside we have to be friend of ourselves.In the first point we have to be sincere to our selves…when we are not real to ourslf how anybody other can be real to you….

for instance we say good morning to somebody…..do we really wish good for him…have we ever asked ourself…this question….what we say …are we really behind the words we say…..I hope you will get the answer…..first of all be real to yourself….then you can hope for the real friend…..

04:36 PM Nov 09 2007 |




no men or women is worth your tears and the one who is not make you cry.

04:57 PM Nov 09 2007 |




no men or women is worth your tears and the one who is not make you cry.friend is friend ,you could trust it ,but couldn't rely on it

05:01 PM Nov 09 2007 |



Saudi Arabia

yes i'm with u all it's hard to get real friend in this life i have no real friend till now

and i hope i find the one i can trust  to be my real friend all the friends i have they r normal friends u just can see them in goodtimes  only,,  not when u need them .


05:10 PM Nov 09 2007 |



It is reslly a difficult thing to get a true friend. It seems sometimes that there are many so-called friends. However, when you are in need or there are profit conflics,few will stay with you. Such experience  fell on me,which,when looking back,makes me hurt

11:55 AM Nov 10 2007 |




My real true friend is GOD. I just couldn't trust anyone else in this world.

03:33 PM Nov 10 2007 |